Cloud Surfing


"Cloud Surfing" by Elizabeth Garrett, 36"x36" $775.

Nature, in all its glory, is the primary inspiration for my paintings. Whether they are impressionistic landscapes or non-objective abstracts, nature motivates me to put my interpretation of what I see and feel onto a canvas.Working intuitively is a freeing experience which is why non-objective abstracts have become a genre of art that I am spending more time working on. Abstracts, for me, are an adventure into color, shape, texture, line, and composition without the constraint of portraying a recognizable object. Painting non-objectively allows me to connect with what I feel without focusing on creating an identifiable image.I don’t paint to satisfy anyone else......I create as I am compelled to get the feelings I have onto a substrate and let them be what they are -a manifestation of the impression a deserted beach, an open marsh, or a lone tree in the distant landscape makes on me. If what I capture on a canvas resonates with the viewer then that is just the icing on the cake for me.When someone takes the next step and chooses to acquire a creation of mine, it is the ultimate compliment and each and every time I am humbled by it.Ultimately, the intent of my artwork is to express the way in which the natural landscape moves me and if it provides enjoyment to just one other person, then I am content with that outcome.